Parkinson's Law is Your Friend

Work expands to fill the time allotted to it.

That is Parkinson's Law. So, If you allocate 8 hours for a task, it will take 8 hours. If you have only 15 minutes, it will get done in 15 minutes.

Since we have a very limited time for side project, you would think that naturally it would take advantage of Parkinson's Law. The answer is no.

Why is that? Because we unconsciously think we can steal time. Have you ever got excited of incoming long holiday because you think you would be able to spend them all for your side projects? That is stealing time. Did you ever work the whole day during weekend for your side projects? That is stealing. Still awake at 2 A.M., having dinner in a hurry, haven't read the book you love and not going the movies for a long time.

So the problem is we think we can steal time. It seems fine but it is bad in a long run. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter and worked for a long hours to find yourself got fever in the next day? You will get burnout, exhausted, depressed and soon lose the motivation. It will make you give up your side projects easily.


Stop stealing time. If you have only two hours a day, just try as hard as possible to make two hours work for your side project. After two hours, just stop. Just say enough and come back the next day fresh. Use Parkinson's Law to your advantage. During those two hours, you will concentrate your effort to get things done. You can't easily get distracted. No time for social networking. No time for reading someone's rambling on the internet.

What is Kiamboy

Kiamboy is an iPhone time management app for your side projects. It will remind you when you work more than the allotted time.

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