You have a side project while still maintaining a full-time job. Progress is super slow. Your day job is draining your energy. Making time for side project is challenging. It's hard to come home from work only to continue working.

Until one day, you decide that the first thing you would do in the morning is to work on your side project. Morning is the time when your battery is still full. You wake up early and then immediately work for a couple of hours and done. That's it. Now off to the office. And you repeat the same routine on and on. You don't want to break the chain.

Now you realize that you have tight time constraints to make progress, but they are not necessarily bad. You only have two or three hours in the morning. You know that you have to work smart otherwise it won't work. You try to optimize your working process. You carefully choose the right tasks. You try to utilize the following techniques:

This routine doesn't promise success. But your odds of achieving your goal are better now and more importantly, you prevent overload burnouts from happening.