Healthy Distance

What is in your head right now? It must be something exciting. If you are like me, I am thinking about my side projects. And sometimes, I think about them all day. I just came across this article about 1000 True Fans. I can't get it out of my head. It is not healthy.

No matter how fun and exciting your side projects, it is unhealthy if they are always with you all the time. Like all good relationships, it is good to keep a certain distance.

Creating a distance is not easy. Human is inclined to live on a high or low. Either excited or demotivated. Either happy or sad. We are in constant pursuit of excitement. We are disappointed when we can't find one.

I like walking. It is often a better solution to a problem come to me during my walk. I will get a fresh perspective on a situation when I am away from my computer.

Have a break. Play a game. Binge-watch Netflix. Read your favorite books. Don't work too hard. Don't think about your project all day. Distance is necessary if you want to have a successful, long, and healthy projects.