Don't Break the Chain

I have been working on this project 3 hours a day since September 8. Now I'm on a 40-day streak. I work every day even during weekends and holidays. I don't want to miss even one day. The longer the streak, the more motivated I'm not to break the chain.

The “Don’t Break The Chain” technique, popularized by Jerry Seinfeld. “The way to write better jokes is to write every day,” said Seinfeld.

Seinfeld would put a big calendar on the wall. Each day, after done with the writing, he put a big red X mark on that day.

What count as one big red X mark?

Is one paragraph enough? For Seinfeld, writing one new joke is enough. For a blogger, it might be one blog post. For a programmer, one new feature? One bug fix?

The task must be a reasonable size otherwise it would be hard to keep the chain unbroken. I am making apps. For me, whatever that I can fit in 3 hours, I count it as a big red X mark.