Why I Created This App

Commit 3 hours a day to your side projects

For those who are struggling with side projects, take it easy.
Form a good habit and enjoy the ride.

More of a ritual than an app

Kiamboy will help you track the time and stay accountable to yourself. But it should be fine without the app. The goal is to develop a routine that works for you. The following is what works for me.

  1. Wake up early.
  2. Work on your side projects for a couple of hours.
  3. Done. Off to the office.
  4. Back home from work, enjoy the evening, and sleep early.
  5. Go to step 1.

Make it work with just a little time

You would work more to progress more. Don't do that. Work less instead. Strictly limit the time allotted per day to your project and work on it every day. You'll be astounded at how productive you become by committing rigid time constraints to your side projects.

You have a cool idea for a side project. What is your plan to make it work? You have four options:

  1. Work long hours. Pull all-nighters. Work on weekends and holidays. Skip other activities.
  2. Presumably, you can afford it, hire people to work for your side projects.
  3. Abandon the idea. It is a mission impossible.
  4. Work consistently on your side projects every day. Optimize the usage of limited time, energy, and resources.

This app is about choosing option number 4: optimize so it would work with just a little time.

Parkinson's Law is Your Friend

Instead of stealing time from other activities, optimize the usage of the available time. Decide how many hours you can commit yourself to the project and stick to it. Strictly stick to it. Don't work more than what allotted. If it is not enough, be creative. Review your working process. Work smarter not harder.

Don't cheat. Don't try to extend the time. Keep to the allotted time otherwise it won't work. In Parkinson's Law, if you allocate 8 hours for a task, it will take 8 hours. If you allocate only 15 minutes, it will get done in 15 minutes.